Bilete Alandala rooftop skyline v.002 - 25 aug '18, ora 18:00 - Sala Polivalenta BT Arena -

Alandala rooftop skyline v.002

Sâ, 25 aug '18, ora 18:00

▼ The life of the city is itself under a spell during summertime. The Saturday afternoon of 25th of August will kick off on the rooftop with Vlad Bretan, doing the warm-up for Mischa Blanos’s piano live act. Expect it to bring out strong emotions and brimming smiles! AaAs we merge dancefloor utility with real sense of musical personality, at midnight we move at the groundfloor stage while G76, Praslea and Butch will spin our heads. The perfect opportunity to have the most fun with your closest buds, and embrace all the positive vibes surrounding you.


_outdoor terrace_

❐ Mischa Blanos [live act]

❐ Vlad Bretan


_indoor stage_

❐ Butch

❐ Praslea

❐ G76


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