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Modestep at /FORM Space
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Modestep at /FORM Space

/FORM SPACE, Cluj-Napoca
Sâ, 24 oct, ora 23:00

Data mentionata pe eveniment este temporara. Aceasta data nu este stabilita oficial si nu este data FINALA. Revenim cu data oficiala curand!

Modestep is a bass-infused band formed in London. Influenced by the strong presence of both rock and underground bass music in the capital, they created a gap in both the rock and electronic worlds which allowed them to stand out from every other act on the bill. The band took the world by storm in 2011 with their track ‘Sunlight’ which was an instant chart and radio hit.

After nearing 10 years of touring, their live act has taken them to almost every major city on the planet, including headlining to an extraordinary 750,000 strong crowd. Now two albums deep, with over 200 million YouTube views under the belt and an all-new revised and refined line-up, the band look to 2018 to release their most anticipated record yet.

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