Bilete Ratos de Porao + Nuclear LIVE in Timisoara @Capcana - 6 oct '19 - Club Capcana -
Ratos de Porao + Nuclear LIVE in Timisoara @Capcana
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Ratos de Porao + Nuclear LIVE in Timisoara @Capcana

Club Capcana, Timișoara
Du, 6 oct '19

Prepare your calendar because the legendary Ratos de Porão (Brazil Crossover/Hardcore/Thrash/Punk) is coming to Capcana on Sunday, 6 October along with NUCLEAR (Chilean Crossover/Thrash Metal Candlelight/Sick Bangers)

Ratos de Porão are the most important Brazilian punk rock band, being the punk rock enthusiasts who propelled the advent of Brazilian rock in the '80s in São Paulo giving them legendary status in their home country. Appreciated in Europe, they recorded their albums Brasil and Anarkophobia in Berlin, Germany. The group was formed in 1981 by friends who used to hang out at the Punk Rock Discos record store in São Paulo. Their earliest performance for a major audience was in 1982 at the First Punk Festival of São Paulo, aka O Começo do Fim Do Mundo (The Beginning of the End of the World). In that same year, they participated on the collection Sub. After vocalist João Gordo joined the group in 1984, they gradually abandoned their die-hard punk approach for hardcore and then, in 1987 (Vivendo Cada Dia Mais Sujo e Agressivo) to a heavy metal crossover. Also in 1984, they released their first solo album, Crucificados Pelo Sistema. In 1985, they shared a live album with Cólera, and appeared on a British collection of punk bands from around the world, World Class Punk. Having one of the biggest discographies of the Brazilian punk bands, Ratos de Porão were paid tribute in 1998 when several other punk groups, like Verminose, Anões de Jardim, Gangrena Gasosa, and Poindexter recorded their songs on the CD Traidô.

Whilst Brazil is known primarily in the metal world for Sepultura, they have produced a number of other excellent bands such as Sarcofago, Krisiun, and of course, the legendary RATOS DE PORAO oficial. The band made their name in the early eighties punk scene but were never shy about showing off their heavy metal influences and making friends with metal bands, particularly the aforementioned Sepultura, whose drummer, Igor Cavalera, helped the band sign with Roadrunner Records towards the end of the decade.

Recognized as the pioneers of the new wave of Chilean metal, Nuclear have forged an extreme sonic mixture of thrash, death metal and punk music. With eye-opening sociopolitical lyrical content, the band take their music to the extreme and have set a path into the future for new sonic experiments. Formed in 2003, Nuclear trafficked in the usual thrash metal fare in its first years, later becoming the living proof of the rare earth explosive compound that it’s known as today.

The latest Nuclear album, Formula For Anarchy, was released by Candlelight Records and earned the band some of the best critical notices of their career. Formula For Anarchy quickly became the band’s best-selling album of all time and was acclaimed for its raw and uncompromising brutality. The album reached notoriety and was highlighted in several respected magazines such as Metal Hammer, Zero Tolerance and Rock Hard Germany.

Between the years 2006 and 2015, Nuclear put out five studio records, one 7” split vinyl, a live DVD and some live releases which are all available and downloaded en masse by their hardcore fanbase.

Over the years, many Nuclear songs have been included in radio program schedules and are in constant air play rotation to date. With a nourished tour experience of 500+ gigs around the world and playing large and notable metal festivals throughout the past few years, the band have reliably stuck to their guns and believed no setback would break their will to pursue new objectives nor stop their ongoing momentum.


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